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Welcome to Bennett's Fine Jewelry.
We are a full service jewelry store located in beautiful,
historic downtown Los Alamos, New Mexico.
Our store can handle your every jewelry requirement and dream.


Engagement, Wedding, Romance, Just Because...

Let us help you win her heart! Bennett's has everything you need. From your first 'Promise Me' ring, right up to the time when you pop the big question. We have a wide variety of beautiful engagement and wedding rings. We also have just the right gift to say, 'I still love you madly' on your 50th wedding anniversary.

Take a look at our rings, then stop by the store. We can place custom orders with many of our suppliers to help you find the perfect ring.

Item Number: 109-10031 - $929.00

View a list of recommended gifts for each anniversary.....
Year Traditional (U.S.) Gemstone Modern Gift
1st Paper Mother of Pearl Clock
2nd Cotton Garnet China
3rd Leather Moonstone Crystal, Glass
4th Linen, Silk Blue Topaz Appliances (electrical)
5th Wood Rose Quartz Silverware
6th Iron Amethyst Wood objects
7th Wool, Copper Onyx Desk sets/pen and pencil sets
8th Bronze Tanzanite Linens, Lace
9th Pottery Lapis Lazuli Leather Goods
10th Tin, Aluminum Green Tourmaline Diamond Jewelry
11th Steel Turquoise Fashion Jewelry, Accessories
12th Silk Jade Pearls, Colored Gems
13th Lace Citrine Textiles, Furs
14th Animals Opal Gold Jewelry
15th Crystal Rhodolite Watches
16th   Red Spinel Silver Holloware
17th   Carnelian Furniture
18th   Chrysoberyl Porcelain
19th   Aquamarine Bronze
20th China Emerald Platinum
21st   Iolite Brass, Nickel
22nd   Spinel Copper
23rd   Imerpial Topaz Silver Plate
24th Opal Tanzanite Musical Instruments
25th Silver Tsavorite Silver
30th Pearl Pearl Diamond
35th Coral, Jade   Jade
40th Ruby Ruby Ruby
45th Sapphire   Sapphire
50th Gold Gold Gold
55th Emerald   Emerald
60th Diamond (yellow) Diamond Diamond
65th Diamond Sapphire Blue Sapphire
70th Platinum    
75th Diamond, Gold Diamond Diamond, Gold
80th     Diamond, Pearl
85th Moonstone   Wife's Birthstone
90th     Engraved Marble, Granite

Fashion Jewelry

Enjoy looking through our gallery. You are sure to find just what you are looking for at dazzling prices! For more information about a piece, please stop by the shop or give us a call! Here are some of the items in our inventory.

Item Number: 100-10025 - $1695.00

Looking some something in particular?


Estate Jewelery usually refers to jewelery that was previously owned. Contrary to popular belief, estate jewelery does not necessarily come from the estate of the deceased, and is not always antique. Jewelry must be at least 100 years old to be considered antique, and made after the 1940s and through the 1980s to be considered vintage. Please stop by our store to view our latest pieces of estate jewelry.

Item Number: 140-10125 - $1235.00

Local Artisans


Bennett's sponsors many talented local artisans.
Be sure to view their wonderful creations!

Bill's Timepieces

Bill has been enjoying the art of antique horological restoration (watch repair) for almost 30 years. These watches have dated from the late 1600’s that include chronographs, repeaters, timers, and other specialized mechanical watches. Bill has been fortunate to repair watches of all kinds from mechanical watches, to American standard production and “railroad” watches, to other mechanical timepieces bringing five figures at the Antiquorum, Christie's, and Sotheby’s watch auctions. The American watch industry, which started in the 1850’s, manufactured watches with machine produced interchangeable parts. This makes American watches relatively easy to repair and Bill has almost all the parts. What is particularly enjoyable is the family history surrounding the story of an heirloom piece. Watches in those days were about 3 months’ salary of the average working person. Therefore, they were frequently handed down from generation to generation or given for a special occasion. A refurbished timepiece, whether a family heirloom, or a newly purchased item, reflects the skills and capabilities of the artesian watch trade that is difficult to find in today’s market. It is comforting to know that these pieces can be used reliably and repair is readily available should it be needed in the future.

Birdell Bourdon And Pauline Marie Bourdon

Birdell is married to Fred Bourdon and has six children, three boys and three girls. One of her daughters, Pauline also maked pottery figurines and pottery. Her mother Marie Askan, who is now deceased, was also an artist potter. Marie designed the center emblem of the 'Sacred Circle of the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos' which can be seen on the Eight Northern Pueblos Visitor Guide. Her grandmother, Adelaide Sisneros was also a potter. Birdell is well known for her big and small pottery; black on black with some carving. She has a sister, Linda Askan, and an uncle, Merten Sisneros, who are also potters and all are closely or similarly the same style. Birdell does excellent polishing and her work sells very well.

Pauline Bourdo, "Vine Flowers," daughter of Birdell Bourdon, was born into the Santa Clara-Tewa Pueblo, which has more potters than any other pueblo. Santa Clara Pueblo artists produce some of the most well-known pottery in the world, characterized by its black and red surfaces. Pauline, who began her professional career at 17 years old, is motivated to continue the traditional hand coiling method which she learned from her mother, who was taught by her mother, Marie Sisneros. Pauline's grandmother was so well renowned that her work has been displayed in the Smithsonian Museum.

Pauline was taught how to collect and prepare natural Brown Clay, which she collects from the Tribal clay pits in the Santa Clara Pueblo. Using the traditional hand coiling method, Pauline creates pieces from long thin coils of clay which are layered on top of one another. Once the piece has been shaped and the coils hand-smoothed to a flat surface, a polishing stone is used to finish smoothing the surface until it shines. Although this is a lengthy process, if not prepared and created correctly the pieces will not survivie the intense firing process. Pauline fires her pieces using the traditional method her mother taught her, called an 'oxygen reduction' process. A fire is built outdoors with a special mix of wood in order to obtian a proper temperature. During the firing process, horse manure is used to smother the fire which then traps thick smoke around the pottery. This smoke contains a high concentration of carbon which fuses itself to the clay, giving it the permanent black color. Although firing may sound simple, if baked for too long, pieces turn from black to silver, and only about three out of five emerge without damage.

Pauline currently specializes in wedding vases, engagement or friendship vases, and melon pots. The wedding vase is a traditional wedding gift given to the marrying couple. The knot between the two necks represents that the bride and groom will be joined together forever. Her works are signed "Pauline Marie, Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico" although her earlier work does not include her middle name, Marie. Pauline's awards include 3rd place Wedding Vase and Honorable Mention Melon Pot at the 2008 New Mexico State Fair.

Caryn Grosse

Bio Coming Soon.....

Designs by Sanel

In the land of Enchantment under the majesty of the Sandia and Manzano Mountains, nestled in the middle of the Rio Grande Valley lies Albuquerque New Mexico, home to Designs by Sanel.

Our original designs were started in 1968 under the names of the Cut Above and Cha-Ray. In 1991 we changed our name to Designs by Sanel and created our own line of jewelry to compliment the new existing lines. Our company philosophy is to place design on an equal footing with quality to produce a unique and exceptional line of jewelry. In keeping with this philosophy, Designs by Sanel has collaborated with New Mexico Native American artisans to help us achieve and maintain our goal. We encourage our talented artisans and stonecutters to help create new designs as they are proud of the quality and workmanship of our jewelry. All stones are carefully cut-in house by hand which gives us the capability to customize our jewelry to our client's specifications. We use only sterling silver, platinum, 14K and 18K gold in our line. By combining the finest designers, stonecutters, materials, and production processes, Designs by Sanel is dedicated to creating a quality line of Jewelry.

Jill Shwaiko - Indigo Gallery

This group of sculptures comes from my study of ancient civilizations and their artwork. I was fortunate to go and visit a number of the Anasazi ruins in the Southwest. There, I studied the rock art of the area and found the big horn sheep petroglyphs to have a language of their own. I began developing these images into bronzes and oil pastels. During this process, I felt them speaking to me; sometimes in quite an endearing way. I tip their heads upward for pride and lower them for perseverance. The horns that go backwards represent swiftness, while the legs reflect a gracefulness. They have personalities much like we do, representing both our grandeur and frailty. The delight and joy I work to express in these sculptures helps to remind us that we too can recognize and enjoy these traits found within ourselves, our mates, our family and friends.

One of the best understandings that the historians have of why the native peoples spent hours pecking a drawing of a sheep into rock is that they were calling the soul of the sheep to them. There are rock drawings of human figures, animals and objects in the natural world such as suns, mountains etc. Rock drawings and petroglyphs are found all around the world; reflecting mankind's history and connection to both the physical and spiritual world.

Margie Sarrao

Margie's Bio coming Soon

Laura Solano - Moon Dance Designs

I have been designing and creating jewelry and accessories for over 12 years. What started as a simple hobby has grown into a part-time business.

My designs are inspired by many things that I love including nature, animals, the Southwest, Victorian and vintage items, etc. In general, I just love beautiful things. I started designing with gemstones and sterling and have grown to include many other types of metals such as brass, copper and gold. I also enjoy including vintage components and stones in my work. My designs run the gamut from Southwestern style to Victorian. I am always looking for new ways to create and grow to keep it fun and interesting.

I try to bring my own taste and style into every piece I create. Jewelry is truly something that speaks to my heart, and I love seeing people wear and enjoy my creations.

Jeannie Steedle - Casa del Oso

Jeannie Steedle came to Los Alamos in 1957 and has lived here ever since. She is married and has two children. She began her jewelry making career after retiring from her "real job" in 1995. A friend got her interested in beading and taught her some basic stitches and she took it from there.

Most of her jewelry is "one of a kind" as she rarely duplicates pieces. Her work incorporates natural stones and pearls as well as many varieties and sizes of seed beads from around the world. She is an award winning artist who won a New Mexico design competition open to all New Mexico small business jewelry designers.

Jeannie has also taught beading classes in Arizona. For many years she sold her creations at arts and crafts fairs. After having her jewelry in galleries in both Taos and Santa Fe she is exclusive only to Bennett's Fine Jewelry now. Her studio, Casa del Oso, is open by appointment only May through October. Her philosophy is why just wear jewelry when you can wear a little piece of art........."people should remember the jewelry you were wearing, not your clothes."

Jim Tsiagkouris - Woodwork

James Tsiagkouris, has had the desire to make things his entire life. The concept of taking raw materials and turning them into something that is useful and beautiful has always fascinated him. Thus, Jim has spent his adult career first as a professional carpenter and then, as an engineer, responsible for design and construction. When not at work Jim turns to the wood shop to satisfy his need to build and create. Over the past several years Jim has had a great passion for turning woods and acrylics into items such as pens, bottle stoppers, and boxes. The primary driver is to make items that are used, handled and become a part of everyday life. Wood turning is a much more organic and freeform approach to making things, allowing for greater expression within the work.

Unique Gifts

Item Number: 825-10021 - $25.00

Bennett's carries an amazing variety of fine gift items. See our gift gallery to find just the right gift for that special occasion!

Jewelry Repair and Custom Orders

ToolsBennett's offers a full range of jewelry repair. Let our jewelers repair that special something. We can resize your favoirite ring. We will clean your jewelry while you wait. Watch stopped? We will change that battery and have you running on time again. Family heirlooms? We can appraise that special piece. Not your style? We can customize or sell those estate pieces for you.

Bennett's Jewelry is a full-service jewelry store and we are capable of producing custom designs made to our customer's specifications. However, because these designs are specific to one person's request, these Custom Orders are not returnable.

ToolsCustom orders will require a minimum, non-refundable deposit of 50% of that item's purchase price. Should the order be cancelled by the customer at any point and we are unable to stop production, this 50% deposit will be forfeit by the customer. Any additional fees will be applied.

Please contact us with any questions about repairs or creating your special custom piece.